Will Mawhood has provided editorial services for several years for Writing Ltd. Most specifically, he has produced some of the most comprehensive of manuscript appraisals for both our published and aspiring authors. His indepth critiques are so very well received by our authors that they undertake suggested revisions with enthusiasm and go on to describe Will’s work as “inspirational”, “thought-provoking” and “exceptionally helpful”.

Editing is a difficult task when dealing with an unknown author. The fine line between pointing out that a passage is badly written or a chapter is rambling and making those editorial changes which will rectify the problem is an art. Will has that art mastered and is able to firmly direct the author with positive yet sensitive editing with optimum results. Writing Ltd is pleased that Will is part of their editorial team and would not hesitate to recommend his editorial services to anyone.

Ginna Clark Writing Ltd


I work for a Latvian-based travel agency and our company has used Will Mawhood's advice and services more than often. Our company's working language is mainly English but no-one of us is a native English speaker and our life-long learning English does not always meet the highest standards. Especially when it comes to written materials, such as web-page, brochures, tour offers, etc., it is very essential to have a perfect text. Sometimes it takes just some small adjustments by Will and the text already sounds English. It's not only about the grammar but also about the content. Will never just skips through the text to correct the articles or tenses, he pays attention to how the text will sound to the reader. I recommend the services of Sussex English to anyone who wants to be sure that the English text will be perfect.

Laura Plūmiņa Co-founder, Client Manager Travel Jam


Will is a good tutor. I only needed assistance with Shakespearean English. He helped me a lot by explaining the meaning of several words I didn`t know. While doing that he managed to find my weaknesses in English and correct them. He prepared me for the IELTS test in which I did great! His lessons were never boring or meaningless. I managed to improve my reading, speaking and writing with just an hour's lesson every week. I truly recommend you study with Will!

Margaret Mara, Riga


His speed never compromises the quality of his work. Will's editing and proofreading is never cursory, it's well-founded, detailed and rigorous, featuring explanations, options and commentary. It is not yet known, how does he manage going this deep in so little time, but he does, so ASAP is not a problem.

Olga Procevska of